Volkswagen Golf GTI long-term review

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Volkswagen Golf GTI
Volkswagen Golf GTI

Can the hottest Volkswagen Golf GTI ignite the passion and reclaim its crown now lost to the Ford Focus ST?

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Mark Tisshaw
29 May 2018
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Why we"re running it: We have six months to discover if, after 40 years, the Golf GTI remains the world’s best all-round hot hatch

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Five-door faux pas - 9th May 2018

I knew it’d happen eventually: I reached for a rear door that wasn’t there. It took a few months, but for the first time I craved an extra pair of doors. The cause was a constant getting in and out of the car in changeable spring weather conditions. I can see why the game is nearly up for three-door hatches, as you’ll always want two more…

Mileage: 8111

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