McLaren 570S Spider Track Pack 2018 UK review

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McLaren 570S Spider
McLaren 570S Spider

The McLaren 570S Spider combines all the dynamic brilliance of the coupé with the added fun of roof-down driving at the touch of a button

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    Deleting the roof from McLaren's circuit-prepped 570S has done nothing to blunt its remarkable performance, both on and off a track
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    McLaren has created its most attainable drop-top by removing the roof from the 570S coupé, but none of the car's talent has come away with it
5 June 2018
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What is it?

Honing a topless car for trackday obligations seems a confused initiative, but in the days of pick-up trucks made by Mercedes-Benz and super-saloons from Kia, it seems anything goes.

That being said, giving the McLaren 570S Spider the same trackday makeover introduced last year on the coupé is a bit of a tap-in, at least in concept. So stiff is the construction of the car’s carbonfibre ‘Monocell II’ tub that the removal of its upper portion incurs almost no penalty in the way of torsional rigidity. As such, there’s also the additional benefit that weighty chassis-strengthening measures simply aren’t required.

And so we have the 570S Spider Track Pack, which includes more than £17,000 worth of options to help it appeal to "owners interested in occasional trackdays", according to McLaren. Those in search of a more committed circuit experience will be directed towards the 570S GT4 racer, although that’s a whole new level of expense, given that a six-event season with full factory support costs £160,000 before you’ve even bought the car. It’s one you can read all about here, courtesy of Andrew Frankel’s dispatch from a meeting at Spa-Francorchamps.