Hyundai Santa Fe Premium 2.2 CRDi 4WD 2018 review

  • First Drive Hyundai Santa Fe Premium 2.2 CRDi 4WD 2018 review
    Hyundai's fourth-generation large SUV has grown in size, increased in luxury and even has a little agility among its new talents
  • First Drive Hyundai Santa Fe 2018 review
    The largest SUV in Hyundai's range gains a new look, but does it perform well enough to take on the cream of the seven-seater crop?
Jimi Beckwith
3 July 2018
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What is it?

You’ll have heard, many times, that the SUV market is getting bigger. But it’s literally growing here - the new Hyundai Santa Fe, the brand’s biggest SUV, is 70mm longer in its latest generation. 

That might not sound like much - the length of an index finger - but on a car that already takes up 4.7 metres of road from nose to tail, it’s enough for Hyundai to now offer the Santa Fe in only one variant globally; before, a Grand Santa Fe topped the line-up. 

It’s not quite the sales maven that the Tucson has turned out to be, as people tend to prefer Nissan Qashqai-sized SUVs (only around 4000 Santa Fes find UK homes each year), yet represents a growing and therefore important SUV niche. 

The new Santa Fe, then. It’s got a new look, in line with the Kona, and a new chassis, which despite the car being bigger than the old model, is lighter than before.

It’s available only in 2.2-litre CRDi flavour in the UK, while the automatic gearbox and four-wheel drive will be the bestselling set-up over here. Seven-seaters are all we’ll get in the UK, while other markets get five-seaters.