Lexus ES review

The seventh-generation Lexus ES mid-sized executive saloon: a car that isn’t well known to UK buyers but that may just signal a key change in philosophy from its maker.

Selling cars in significant volumes and stealing market share from its chiefly German rivals have never seemed like particularly high priorities for Lexus in Europe, with the firm apparently content to play the longest of waiting games as its presence and profile ever-so-gradually increased.

And yet there are now signs that Lexus’s attitude to its own growth on the continent may be changing; that it’s rationalising its model range and ‘getting serious’ about maximising its European market potential.

Toyota’s premium brand has doubled its European sales footprint over the past five years, mostly on the back of the NX crossover. And now it’s changing tack with its entrant in the mid-sized executive saloon market, with the aim of offering British and European buyers a more practical, better-value prospect than it has thus far.

The change will come at the end of this year, when the seventh-generation Lexus ES goes on sale in the UK — a car that will supercede the GS in European showrooms.