Ferrari 488 Pista review

There are two sports cars they just don’t get wrong. Most manufacturers, even these ones, occasionally turn out a duffer, but in the case of two vehicles – the GT3 RS version of a Porsche 911 and the special series version of Ferrari’s mid-engined V8 – they don’t miss a trick.

This is, I suspect, because they’re engineers’ cars. Purists’ cars. The first 911 GT3 RS, of 2003, only came about because Porsche needed to homologate two suspension links for racing. And the first mid-engined Ferrari special, the 360 Challenge Stradale, also of 2003, helped justify the Challenge race series. And throughout their iterations since, they haven’t missed a beat.

This, then, is Ferrari’s latest, the 488 Pista. Pista means "track" or, apparently, ‘get out of the way!’, but I suppose either is appropriate enough. 

The requisite link to motorsport is there, anyway. The Pista’s engine is, like a GT3 RS’s, effectively a race car motor, here from the 488 Challenge car. It was always in the plan that way: develop an engine that makes 50bhp more than the standard 488 GTB"s, prove it in the one-make racing series car and eventually drop it into the ‘special’ variant.