BMW X4 2018 review

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BMW X4 We suspect the reason for the BMW X4"s creation is because of the Porsche Macan

The X6 is a showroom hit, but does the smaller X4 also deserve to be when the X3 is the more practical sports SUV - and the Porsche Macan exists?

  • First Drive BMW X4 xDrive20d M Sport 2018 UK review
    BMW's second-generation, style-led SUV justifies a premium position with improved driving dynamics and a well-equipped cabin
  • First Drive BMW X4 2018 review
    Second-generation SUV more mature and arguably more engaging than predecessor but more expensive, too
30 June 2018
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What is it?

The rise of the coupé-inspired sports utility vehicle is in full force — and none more so than in the premium mid-sized class.

Luxuriously equipped high-riding models such as the BMW X4, Land Rover Evoque, Mercedes-Benz GLC and Porsche Macan have proven particularly popular in the UK.

As a sign of just how competitive this class of crossovers has become, BMW has now launched a second-generation X4 just four years after the orginal model reached showrooms.

The decision, which was also forced in part by a need to link it with the model cycle strategy of the mechanically identical X3 to meet production line efficiencies, suddenly gives BMW the advantage of having the most contemporary offering in what has become a truly lucrative market segment.

The model tested here, the £55,315 M40d M Performance, is the initial flagship of the new line-up. It is offered alongside the xDrive20d, xDrive30d and M40i M Performance in the UK.