Volkswagen Arteon Shooting Brake on the way

Article James Howe
Mar 16, 2018
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Rakish estate version of VW’s flagship quietly confirmed for production

Volkswagen has confirmed that it will produce an estate version of its luxurious Arteon four-door coupe range-topper, dubbed the Shooting Brake.

The news was announced quietly at the manufacturer"s most recent annual press conference, where it was confirmed that while the car’s interior and exterior styling have been finalised, its engines have not. The car has not yet been confirmed for the UK.

It"s possible that the new model could bring with it a new six-cylinder engine option; Carbuyer learned last year that Volkswagen is considering the possibility.

Once it arrives, the Arteon Shooting Brake will be in something of a class of its own, as premium rivals like Audi, BMW and Mercedes do not produce large shooting-brake estates. However, it’s possible that the Arteon Shooting Brake could be more of a match for cars like the BMW 4 Series GT.

The news comes as Volkswagen confirmed that the Arteon will be launched in the US and China later this year.

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