Italdesign Duerte to enter limited production as targa-roofed Zerouno

Steve Cropley Autocar
6 March 2018
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The Italdesign Duerta has been revealed as the targa-topped variant to cater to demand, after the design house sold all five examples of the Zerouno coupé it produced. 

The Duerta uses the same 5.2-litre V10 engine as the Zerouno, although this brings the car"s top speed down to 199mph from the 200mph+ of the Zerouno coupé. Five will be produced by the end of 2018, although each is expected to be unique, with buyers creatively involved in designing bespoke elements of the car, including the interior.

Duerta makes up part of Italdesign"s 50th anniversary celebrations, although head of design Filippo Perini confirmed that the car was already planned when the Zerouno was shown at last year"s Geneva motor show. 

The car’s bodywork is entirely carbonfibre, while the chassis is a carbonfibre and aluminium unit - modified from that of the coupé, but with the top section reworked for the removable carbon roof. A soft-top roof for more urgent shelter is also provided.